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For anyone who's been saying or feeling that it's all too big and messy and complicated for them to understand what happened, here's a summary, focused on the recent "outing" and as neutral in tone as I can make it.

(I also strongly recommend Seeking Avalon: Timeline for a more detailed account, with links, of the sequence of events earlier in the discussion.)

{ETA: white_serpent has a concise summary here.}

An epic, sprawling and painful discussion of race and racism in science fiction and fantasy occurs, involving people in both literary and media sf/f fandoms.

From early on, one of the participants is blogger coffeeandink, who has a long track record of posting thoughtful essays about race issues.

A number of sf/f authors and editors behave in a manner not altogether becoming.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden makes statements which many interpret as threats of professional retribution, though TNH subsequently denies that this was the intended meaning.

There is some debate over online pseudonyms. Many people give explanations of why pseudonyms are standard practice in many areas of the internet, and why people use them in order to protect their privacy, families, employment and/or physical safety against discrimination, harassment, stalking and physical violence.

coffeeandink writes a post which includes criticisms of TNH's statements. In separate posts, she also warns people against trying to engage with Will Shetterly, linking to examples of his previous inability to behave rationally in discussions about race.

Subsequently, Kathryn Cramer edits the Feminist SF Wiki to connect coffeeandink's username to her real-life identity.

These changes are reversed in accordance with the wiki editors' stance on privacy, and with coffeeandink's request that her privacy be maintained.

Kathryn Cramer posts on her own blog deliberately giving coffeeandink's full name.

(After repeatedly changing the URL of the entry and re-directing the old URLs to a scammer website, Cramer finally password-protects the entry. Screencaps are available.)

Will Shetterly posts coffeeandink's name, then removes it, then supports and encourages commenters posting her name in his blog and elsewhere, and also reportedly attempts to edit the Wiki (again) in order to "out" her (these changes are, again, reversed).

Many sf/f fans who have been involved in the discussions express outrage and horror that malicious outing is apparently being used as a vindictive way to punish someone for stepping out of line.

A number of authors and fans who are people of colour state their increasing sense that the sf/f community is not a safe or welcoming place for them.

There is a resounding silence -- so far -- from most pro sf/f authors and blogs.

{ETA2: Reportedly, Kathryn Cramer is now going round making legal threats and demanding that people remove the name "Kathryn Cramer" from posts about what she did under that name, on her blog at kathryncramer.com.}

{ETA3/4: The silence is now being broken, and it looks like some of it was because many people genuinely hadn't heard about what was happening. I'm not going to try to list the authors and editors who've spoken up about it, in case it becomes some sort of Purity List; their posts can be found in the linkspams.}
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